Slyvandian Slayers Alliance

An Alliance for Small Giant’s Empire & Puzzles Game

About the Alliance

The Sylvandian Slayers Alliance (SSA) began on June 15, 2018, started by player Rainya. We are a chatty group of Empire & Puzzles players at various levels of team strength who play regularly. As an Alliance, members help each other with advice and keep each other in the loop on gameplay plans. Some of the core players invest money while playing, but many do not. This makes the SSA an excellent place for players who want to invest time into the game – whether or not they can pay for gems!

There are two main reasons to join an alliance (1) gain support from more experienced players and (2) to participate in the Alliance-only events. There are two kinds of Alliance-only events: the Titan Hunt and the Alliance Wars. The Alliance-only events are covered in more detail further down on this page.

As part of an Alliance, you participate in Titan Hunts and Alliance Wars for fabulous loot rewards, coordinating with other members in the in-game chat feature.

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

If working with other players via in-game chat on tactics and strategies to improve outcomes on group events doesn’t sound like a good time, we are not the Alliance for you. However, if you’re interested in maximizing your loot as part of a grand Alliance, read on!

Elders and Co-Leaders

Members are promoted to Elder status after 200 days of regular participation in the Alliance’s Titan Hunts and Alliance Wars. Players come and go in this game, and 200 days (just over six months) was agreed to be the right time to earn an elevation of in-game status.

Elder status is granted to any member after 200 days of regular engagement in Titan Hunts and Alliance Wars .

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

To help keep the Alliance running, three co-leaders can update the Alliance message and manage player status (aka, Promote or Kick). Co-leaders are promoted from the Elder pool based on the needs of the Alliance.

Co-Leaders: Kate the Daring Immortal, Budaroo, and Chingis Kahn

Player Kate the Daring Immortal (Kate) was the first elder promoted to co-leader and specializes in keeping an eye on Titan Hunt engagement across the Alliance. Kate also manages all our Elder promotions. Co-leaders Chingis Kahn (CK) and Budaroo (Bud) were added in 2021 to help improve our collective performance in Alliance Wars. Together, they update the Alliance message with war-specific guidance, monitor war participation for players opted-in, and call out strategic and tactical opportunities during the attack phase.

Co-leaders can promote and demote members as well as kick members who are not meeting the Alliance’s engagement guidelines.

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

As co-leaders, Kate, CK, and Bud (along with Rainya) have the ability to promote and demote members. They also have the ability to kick members who are not meeting Alliance guidelines.

Engagement Guidelines

As an SSA member, you are expected to follow (to the best of your ability since it is just a game!) the following guidelines for engagement. Members who persist in not meeting the Alliance’s guidelines will be removed from the Alliance at leader/co-leader discretion.

Guideline 1: Titan Hunts

As of September 2021, the Alliance is chaining (repeatedly defeating) 6* Titans and making steady progress towards chaining 7* Titans. Many of our players at all strength levels have successfully built up their Stronghold and now have a Hunter’s Lodge, which allows crafting of Titan Harpoons for additional Titan loot.

We attack Titans daily!

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

This Alliance attacks Titans daily, using all six (6) daily Titan Flags as frequently as possible. As a member, plan to attack Titans regularly and read in-game chat for updates on pauses in attacks. If you need to be away from the game for an extended time, post a message in the in-game chat letting other members know you will not be attacking Titans.

About Titan Energy

Titan Flags are the energy unit needed to attack during Titan Battles. Three (3) flags charge over 12 hours (four hours per flag), leading to a max of six (6) flags per 24 hour period. Use your flags wisely and use them all as frequently as possible.

Sometimes it is best to abandon a Titan and start with full flags for the next one.

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

There may be times when the Alliance decides to abandon a Titan when it is a “lost cause” and victory is unlikely due to the remaining points needed. By stopping the attacks, the Alliance is better prepared to take down the next Titan with a full set of three flags for each member. This recommendation, if advised, will be posted via the in-game chat for members to read. It is important to note during the Path of Valor, Titan attacks appear as a daily challenge throughout the event. In this instance, attack away even if it’s a “lost cause” and get those valor points!

Save Titan Flasks for when RARE Titans appear.

Sylvandian Slayers Alliance Leaders

Titan Flasks are the only way to add additional Titan Flags and are hard to come by. They can only be Titan Flasks are the only way to add additional Titan Flags and are very hard to come by in the game. They can only be purchased as part of special promotions – not from the main store – and are infrequently rewarded as loot. This Alliance saves our Titan Flasks to use against RARE Titans, which are substantially more challenging than a standard Titan. Rare Titans have an enormous amount of points. They reflect all damage from their element, making them harder to defeat with your go-to rainbow team! 

You’ll know a Rare Titan when you see one! It will have a “rare” icon on the pre-attack screen and show which 4* ascension item is available once the Titan is defeated. Every player who attacked the Rare Titan has a chance of receiving the bonus loot item. We had times when no one got the loot, one person got the loot, and several people got the loot. The bonus loot item is randomly awarded by the game.

Guideline 2: Alliance Wars

This Alliance participates in Wars, which are a key part of Alliance-focused gameplay and one of the best sources of loot for any level player. For each War, you are granted six (6) War Flags, giving you the necessary energy unit for six attacks. War energy is a fixed number with no way to increase the number attacks through flasks.

Matchmaking between Alliances is based on the total number of players participating in the War and each participant’s best set of players/teams. It is entirely automatic and extremely unforgiving! As a result, it is important to understand and follow guidelines for opt-in/out, defense, and offense for Alliance Wars.


The most important aspect of Wars is the ability to “opt-out” of the war. By default at level 12, you will be “opted-in” if you are a member of an Alliance. Most level 12 players are not yet ready to tackle Alliance Wars in a mature and active Alliance.

War Offense

War Defense

Titans daily, using all six (6) daily Titan Flags as frequently as possible. As a member, you are expected to attack Titan’s regularly and communicate via in-game chat if you expect to be away for an extended period (or just need a Titan/game break.)

Unlike the Titan Hunt, an individual player may opt out of Alliance Wars. This is a fantastic feature as it allows players to come and go from the war gameplay while remaining part of the Alliance. A full War Chest with 25 points is, on average, one of the best sources of loot needed to advance your heroes and gameplay.

Heroes behave differently during times of War than during Titan Hunts. In an Alliance War, you can only use a hero to attack ONCE!